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Music... The Perfect Remedy To A Long & Tiring Day

Music is a part of our lives almost every day. Even if youdo not consider yourself to be a big music fan, you stillunconsciously listen to music everyday. One big place wherewe hear music is on the television.

There is background and "mood" music in sitcoms and TV showsthat you watch everyday. We have all heard those catchycommercial jingles that stick with us throughout the day.These are just some examples of music.

Types of Music

There are so many types of music out there. You can buy CDs,listen to the radio and even listen to music or learn aboutmusic on TV. MTV, VH1 and various other television channelsare geared towards music. You can turn on your radio andpick up the waves of many local and some even distantstations that play different types of music. Music is reallyeverywhere and there is so much to choose from.

Some of the more common types of music are country, R&B, hiphop, rock, classical and pop or dance. Many other categorieshave came from these basic genres. There are also manydifferent categories according to decade. For example, youcan get hits of the 70s, 80s, 90s and today. These will playyou all the hits and chart toppers from that era.

Digital Music

Just like many other things in life today, music has wentdigital and there are many more opportunities now for you toenjoy it. You can download music online and store it on yourcomputer. You can also listen to music online. There aremany websites that let you listen to music and there areliterally thousands of stations so you can listen to anytype of music you like. Many of these let you customize themso you only listen to what you like and nothing that youdon't.

Another breakthrough in the digital music scene was the MP3file. MP3s are just a way to compress a music file sincemusic files are fairly large. The MP3 can be downloaded toyour computer, stored in folders and also transferred to MP3players. There are portable MP3 players that are basicallymodern day Walkmans but instead of radio, or CDsArticle Submission, you havedigital files.

The amount of files you will be able to store will vary butyou can store many more than you could on a CD because theyare compressed. They are stored inside your machine indigital format so you don't have to worry about skipping orlosing your station.


Friday, August 5, 2016

Learn Music Theory and Fulfill Your Target to Soar High

If you learn the internal theory of a music instrument playing, you will be able to learn how to play with great art with efficiency. The higher growth on music of yours is highly depended on its theory lessons. Only practical lesson can teach you the superficial learning to play an instrument whereas you will learn why you are strumming or plucking a string and how you can modify it to make it excellent. If you learn all these you will be easily soar on the top of the reputation.

If you suppose want to learn piano or keyboard, the music theory lessons are really essential like other instrument. If you want to lean piano in any of the non-reputed music school of your locality, you will observe its music lesson has a little theory. So, you will learn how to play piano but will not know why the keys have been pressed and why music is produced with special effect. You have to learn all these to have every details of your music. The fundamental thing that you need to learn is that you have to understand how piano or any other music should be produced after a single or double pause and the pattern of playing when the songs and rhyme has been changed.

You can easily learn how to sit in front of the piano spread your hands and use the fingers. There is logic behind it. If you wrongly press the keys, you might get the right sound. In the long run you will not be able to play it properly when you have to take a deep pressure on the advanced level. This is merely practical knowledge but why you have to press the keys after a single press of special key and change to scale of key depression, you need to learn. The music will automatically composed in mind and fingers will fall on them without your conscience. This is the advantage of learning music theory lessons.

Think twice, when you are given some lessons that you have to imitate by pressing keys that you are hearing by ears. You have become a mere imitator. When you are given some series of lesson to imitate, you will not learn it with depth. You must have to stop at a certain point where there is now way to imitate, there are lots of things depended on theory lesson, basically at the advanced lesson. When you have to learn theories at the time of practical learning, the course duration extends. This is the reason; most of the music teaching school avoids theories related to the lesson that actually should not be done.

If you do not learn theories and skip of it, you will cop out in one way. You will not be able to play new music given to you as music sheet as all the theories have been skipped away by youScience Articles, though this should be an essential skill for any musician.

About the author

Stradivari Strings is a music school where you will get different types of music learning facility and side by side music theory lessons for all instrument has been taught for perfect learning. 

Using a Music Maker Software

There are lots of avenues allowing someone to make music and beats online, however specifically I'd like to discuss music making software.

You will find major benefits to utilizing online techniques to lay out your preferred beats. Whether you are searching for a techno, hip-hop, or perhaps a rap beat maker, you'll find all of this and more inside a beat maker program.

Probably the most important benefit to generating beats online is that it is relatively inexpensive in comparison with traditional equipment. You can pay well under $100 dollars for many online beat makers, if you were purchasing more 'traditional' beat makers it's possible for it to cost many hundreds of dollars or even more depending how advanced you proceed.

All you need in order to start making your online beats is a computer and internet connection. Today, most of the population is attached to the internet, and if you are using computer application, you are also are able to upload your projects and possibly have it out there for that world to hear within a few minutes, affording yourself amazing opportunities you would possibly not have had.

Another big concern for some is the technical issues of utilizing complicated shop bought equipment. Online beat makers are a lot more use- friendly and generally you are provided with comprehensive support. As a matter of fact, there are instructional videos readily available in most cases if you have any kind of questions or problems. This alleviates the requirement for considerable training and time spent learning the software.

So simply put, the benefits of using online beat creating software make it a worthwhile investment, and the benefits we have gone through are just some of the pros for using beat software.

If you are searching for the right music software there are some things you have to be aware of. The Web has opened scores of possibilities for various kinds of musicians and programs that have exploded onto the web within the last couple of years.

One typical problem you'll want to watch out for is with some of the cheaper beat makers, you so frequently hear in several industries 'you get that which you pay for' and the same is true when looking for a beat maker program. Download a totally free beat plan or one which costs 5 dollars and you'll probably not be a happy customer!

Do the research, check out the reviews and make an informed choice and you can't go wrong.

Indies Embrace On Demand Production

Today's independent musician is often called an "Indie," a term used to describe a type of music genre characterized by their independence from commercial record label companies. CD on demand production is an appealing feature for many Indie artists.

Independent music artists are often called "Indies," a term used to describe a type of music genre that is characterized by their independence from commercial record labels. Typically Indies go against the current trends and often have an entrepreneurial approach to recording.

Indies originated with punk bands during the '70s where people in this scene were involved in bands with fan bases who shared similar ideas. Indies are known to go on self-funded tours, often to other countries, where those in the local Indie scenes help organize gigs and joint tours.

Indies often lack the sophistication that is associated with commercial record labels, but the line is becoming more and more blurred thanks to a new digital world with the Internet where high-quality recordings can be made easily with recording systems that are computer-based and inexpensive.

Now artists can introduce their music to a big audience worldwide at low cost without being with a major recording label. Software for digital music encourages the discovery of new music, and there are successful websites with large libraries of songs. Independent bands have never had it better, and they can even get royalties.

With the arrival of newer and relatively inexpensive recording devices and instruments, more individuals are able to participate in the creation of music than ever before. Studios are rented by the hour and are very costly, and sometimes even hard to find. Today anyone can produce studio-quality music from their own home. Artists are able to experiment with different sounds and styles without spending money at the studio.

Furthermore, CDs on demand make it possible for Indie artists to sell their music without manufacturing and storing thousand of discs. Orders can be filled on an as-needed basis from an Indie label's website. This makes it possible for artists to get their music in front of the public with very little expense and little or no inventory. On demand production affords many bands the opportunity to forego a record label so they can market and distribute their music only through the Internet. Some artists have broken away from the format of major labels and have developed a unique platform in which the label's they can retain ownership of their music, copyrights and the rights to any content and masters. The platform includes some innovative ideas but clearly the CD and DVD on demand production model s a major focal point. They feel that lack of financial resources should not be a determining factor as to whether an artist's music is heard by the public.

According to ASR's Chairman and Co-founder Alaadeen, in order to get a good rate to manufacture CDs, he had to manufacture large quantities. This led to excessive amounts of inventory.

Most artists also maintain their own websites and participate in social media marketing activities such as music blogs and websites like or Facebook. Independent companies often use these to rate a band after listeners have determined if they like the music or not, thus expensive talent search in the music industry is not needed anymore.

Currently the sale of digital music makes up only five to ten percent of the total income generated from music sales, but the numbers are increasing as record labels diminishArticle Search, and Indies grow. More and more people are adapting broadband Internet connections so it will be easier in the future for them to access digital music online.

About the Author:

Kristin Gabriel is the marketing communications director for Acutrack, Inc. The company enables customers to create, publish and deliver custom content for CD and DVD duplication worldwide. Acutrack's proprietary On Demand production produces and ship custom packaged CDs or DVDs one at a time. 

Are You Playing the Music of Your Life?

Music is made for manifesting, and so is the idea that music therapy can come into our lives to have a powerful, positive effect in every area of our lives...

What we listen to is vital to the life we are creating.  Many people feel overwhelmed with the negative, critical voices in their heads, people around them who are complaining or gossiping, or some particular event that has let them down.  While we may not have control over all the circumstances of our lives, we can choose what we pay attention to and what we surround ourselves with. What we choose to listen to can literally make a world of difference.

Music is made for manifesting.  This is, in fact, the idea of music therapy.  As you hear the beginning notes of a favorite song, reminding you of a particular time in your life when you were full of love, hope, strength, accomplishment, or freedom, your mind automatically recreates a vision of that time, your body responds on a cellular level, and your emotions transform your experience in the moment.  Instantaneous.  Automatic.  Effortless.

For fun and for free.

I’ve talked often about vibrations.  It’s important to emphasize that scientific research and studies have now documented the effects of music on our bodies, lives, and beliefs.  As we raise our spirits we are literally raising our vibration.  And the level we vibrate at is what we vibrate to.  What we vibrate to is what we will attract into our lives.  Like attracts like.  This is where music therapy comes in to have a powerful, positive effect in every area of our lives.

In Power vs. Force Dr. David Hawkins explains the significance of higher and lower “attractor fields”, or vibrations, and how we all can effectively raise our power to attract to us positive experiences in life.  By raising our vibration, we move into a realm that allows us to use our natural powers, rather than relying on the need to try to “force” life to happen. In his 29-year study, Dr. Hawkins demonstrated that the human body becomes stronger or weaker depending on a person's mental state, reflected by their vibration.  As he writes, “Music is in some ways the most subtle of the arts, for it’s the least concrete.  However, in bypassing left-brain rationality to appeal directly to our subconscious right-brain sense of pattern, it’s at the same time the most visceral and emotional. It also provides the easiest example of how attractor patterns order reality…”.

Dr. Masaru Emoto has spent years documenting the effect of what we think, say, and do on the crystalline structure of water molecules.  Positive emotions create beautiful crystals while negative emotions create amorphous blobs that resemble polluted water. Dr. Emoto has studied the effects of music on the quality of water molecules and found that “Amazing Grace” is one of the songs that create the most beautiful crystalline structures.  In contrast, heavy metal and rap music creates the blobs that are associated with polluted bodies of water.  (For more information on Dr.

Emoto and his work, visit

Water is the “molecule of life”.  Considering we human beings are approximately 75% water, this research is incredibly relevant.  Do you choose to have polluted water or pristine crystals running through your veins?

Craig White has created a series of CDs that are used for Music Therapy.  Studied by the Mayo Clinic, his works are now being used in major healthcare chains in California because they have been shown to increase healing rates and reduce post-surgical recovery times.  (For more information, visit

In the creative realm, you have the right and the responsibility to make conscious choices that will support you in living the life of your dreams.  Choose powerfully and positively to vibrate at a level that will attract to you all that is rich, loving, joyful, abundant, healthyFeature Articles, and fun with great ease and flow!

Give yourself the gift of music therapy to create the life you love to live!

YOU deserve it!

About The Author

Debbie Friedman, M.S., C.Ht., is the Manifesting Maven who helps people consciously create the life they love to live. She is the creator of the popular Cleaning Out the Closet of Your Mind for Wealth series.

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Online Music Distribution - A Lifeline For Indie Artists

Those who mine their sources for information about the music industry know that raw talent is probably the last factor that contributes to making someone a star.

Marketing skills and connections, for example, are much more important factors. This is why people with little to no musical talent - think of princesses and heiresses, not naming any names - get to release tracks and get them heard by the world, while the fully dedicated and talented guitarist languishes in his garage or bedroom.

The Internet, luckily, has become a lifeline for such independent musicians. Now, they no longer need a "sugar daddy" to get their music heard by the public. With some studio time, a well-made track and some clever naming, it is possible to get your music heard by the world, and evaluated on its own merit rather than on the strength of their PR skills.

While the mainstream always remains the mainstream, every generation of music-lovers sees a certain percentage of people who are dedicated to their favourite indie artists. Some of them, in fact, are completely against the mainstream music of their day, arguing that it goes against their values or is just not cutting-edge enough. In order to get what they think is the best music of their day, they have to look underground.

Much greater in number than the indie-fanatics are the people who swear that no good music is being made in their day. These people would be highly receptive to independent record labels... if only they knew that such things existed. THESE are the people who are most likely to be influenced enormously by the online music industry.

Stores such as iTunes and Amazonmp3 have put the big names right on the same level as the indie label. While super-hit tracks are priced higher than obscure ones on these stores, all average songs stay at the same price tag. This gives rise to an interesting situation - listeners can access the big hits for free on the radio or the television, or they can pay a nominal sum to purchase something that sounds promising. Additionally, the pressure to make a large investment and splurge on an album goes away, as single-track purchase is the norm on online stores. As if this were not enough motivation, people can access 30-second previews of tracks before making a purchase - something that allows them to judge whether or not something is of value worth buying.

For the independent musician, then, making money off music is easier than ever before. No need to spend on fuel and equipment to sell your music from your car a la Ani DiFranco. Just make the requisite clicks\, and wait for the revenue to start coming in!


Saturday, July 30, 2016

Indie musicians

The internet can be held responsible for many big changes in our lives and perspective. One of the big changes that the internet brought is the descending of big music labels power and the increase in Indie artist number.

The crashing of so many big music labels has started the Indie musician's movement.

It's really a movement, but I refer to it this way because I look at it as a way of beating the system and the big giants that used to tell music artists what to do and used to take almost all of these artists money. They still exist, but the internet and the illegal downloading phenomenon has made them smaller and made the artists realize that maybe taking unreasonable fee on their CD is not a smart thing to do, and maybe performing more can bring them more money and also maybe, just maybe, they can record their own music and make it on their own.

The fact is that there are music editing programs that any intelligent person oriented to computers is able to work with and that you can open a recording studio in your home and even if you can't do all that, there are small recording studios that don't charge you that much.

These are some of the reasons that there are so many indie music artists out there.

These artist don't necessarily straggle on their own all the time. Music managers are still out there, searching for young talent, craving for some original, sound. But the thing with indie musicians is that they know what they are worth, and they know that if they want they can make it on their own. So they will know what to ask for and what to agree to.

Music artists in the past gave their label company all of their trust. Some of them were well taken care of and some were used. But any way you look at it, they were like children that need their parents approval for creating and performing. Today with what I've mentioned before and websites like myspace and songwriting competitions websites, these indie music artists know what they are worth and as a result from this we get more original quality music that is not twisted by music labels that think they know what's good for us and what's not.


Thursday, July 28, 2016

Music Artist Promotions For Indie Bands Over The Internet

Internet Marketing and Promotions has made it affordable for Indie Music Artists and Bands to get their Music heard World Wide, and the playing field has now become common ground for both the Indie and Major Labels alike. Indie Artists can now experience what it feels like to have Major Promotions.

If you are a “Music Artist” desiring to have “Major Exposure” for your Band and Songs, but you only have little Promotions and Marketing funds as a budget to promote yourself and your music, Internet (the super highway) Promotion is the way to go.

There was a time India Bands had to have Major Money from Major Sources to get Major Exposure for your music… not anymore! Independent Artists can now promote and market your own music through many Internet Outlets such as; Radio, Social Sites, Blogs, Communities, Web Directories, Digital Distribution and more. But if you as a band don’t have the time to promote yourself, or perhaps you just don’t know how to, then consult with a reputable company that can help you achieve your “Major Marketing Goals” at affordable India prices.

It’s a big help in promoting “Music Online” when you can find Internet & College Radio Stations that will play your songs on the Radio. For the “Independent Musicians and Singers”, Internet Radio is definitely a savior!  Your “Original Songs” can now be heard throughout the Whole Wide World.  But remember, radio is only one portion of many other outlets for the Music Artists to use, especially if their plans are to have a successful Promotions Campaign that gets Major results.

Placing yourself and your music on every site possible may sound like a tab bit too much, and for many it is. But if you really want to see Major results with only having low budget money, then you need to write articles, upload your music to social sites, to communities, submit to web directories, blogs…find digital distribution that will place your music in Major Online Retail Stores etc... There is no excuse! The Internet has made Major Resources a lot more accessible for Music Indie Artists to grasp, and the playing field has become more of a common ground for both the Indie and the Major labels alike.  The internet is the stepping stone used now to reach Millions of possible fans, friends and music industry contacts!

For example, Independent Record Label “Bell Time Records” released Rnb Artist “Tamalaneh”, and took her new Cd “I Know You’re Gonna Like This” and promoted it on just about every music related website, blog, social site, community site web directory on the internet. Anybody can do it if you’re willing to do the time consuming work it takes to get the job done. Here are a couple of free music outlets you can submit your articles and songs to for starters: has now The Indie Music ShowPsychology Articles, another outlet!! Thank you current. L.L Cool J. has BoomDizzle etc... these music sites are free!


Michael Bell is a Music Producer and Independent Music Artist Promoter who lives in Lansing, Michigan. He is also the owner of Belltime Productions and

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How to Promote Your Indie Band to Get the Right Exposure

First of all, if you are a manager of an indie band, expect that people would be demanding much more than just good music. They want a philosophy in your lyrics, stage performance and your public appearance that they can associate with. Therefore, you have to go a long way than just creating music in the comfy of an air-conditioned studio or touring around the country guided by event managers.

If you are a manager of an indie band, expect that people would be demanding much more than just good music. They want a philosophy in your lyrics, stage performance and your public appearance that they can associate with. Therefore, you have to go a long way than just creating music in the comfy of an air-conditioned studio or touring around the country guided by event managers. Admit that the indie rock space is already overcrowded and people will simply trash your music if they find a better and grungier screamer out there. Lots of things need to be done in order to push your band up the hotlists. Here below are some exposure strategies that have been adopted by best indie bands.

Be professional: No matter how whole-heartedly you create your music or how deeply philosophical your lyrics are, you are not on the map until you start managing things professionally. In the end, professionalism and consistency do actually matter. In order to become an indie band that is a known name in the crowd, you need a website first. Offer coffee mugs, tees and other freebies with your band’s logo or name on it. Be as much innovative as you can when it comes to furnishing band member bios and other details on your official website and elsewhere.

Know your musical identity: NY Times published an excellent report two years back that criticized the underground culture of putting more stress on creating subgenres than creating really good music. The report expressed a doubt that many indie bands might be lost in oblivion as they cannot make any real impression in the public mind and are themselves responsible for getting pigeonholed. Best indie bands have always clarified their musical identity from the first day of appearing in the public sphere and have consistently adhered to the philosophy and form of their music. Being different is a real challenge.

Use social media effectively: There is no better platform than social media to connect with fans. If you are an indie band, create your fan page on Facebook, be a regular on Twitter and use MySpace wisely. If you do not have the time for social media and you think that your creative self will be overshadowed by your marketing efforts, hire a social media manager who can act as your band’s spokesperson on these social media sites. Joining peer groups and forums would open new opportunities.

Ask for feedbacks: Fans like it most when their favourite singer screams on stage at them, interacts with them and ask for their feedbacks. This is what best indie bands do. They are apparently approachable by their fans, are very open and very sociable. Just touching the hands of the frenzied fans, asking for their feedbacks and taking inputs from them are all effective public relation strategies.

Do not give up: Even if fans reject you and your indie band, do not give up. The same thing has happened with many of the world-famous musicians. Fans have disparaged their music and their ideology in the beginning only to go crazy for them with the passage of time. Perseverance is a crucial survival strategy here in this alternative music space.  

Best indie bands have made it clear from the very first day that they are here to stay. If you want to make indelible imprints tooHealth Fitness Articles, be very sure that your band is managed the right way.  

Monday, July 18, 2016

Indie Rock music: A Popular Music Genre Which is Here to Stay

First of all, indie rock refers to the alternative rock music genre that sprang up in the UK in the middle or later part of the 1970s. India rock music is hugely diverse and has sub genres like jangle pop, lo-fi, C86 and indie pop. It is the Sex Pistols and the punk rock movement in the United Kingdom that inspired the indie genre.

Indie rock refers to the alternative rock music genre that sprang up in the UK in the middle or later part of the 1970s. India rock music is hugely diverse and has sub genres like jangle pop, lo-fi, C86 and indie pop. It is the Sex Pistols and the punk rock movement in the United Kingdom that inspired the indie genre. Many young people inspired by the punk rock movement’s DIY approach to music came forward to form bands. To cite an example, on 4th June 1976, the Sex Pistols played a gig in a small room in Manchester’s Free Trade Hall. It is considered to be the catalyst to the punk rock movement, New Wave, and the concomitant indie movement. Presently, some of the good indie bands include Dr Dog, MGMT, Tame Impala, Foster the People, Wild Nothing, Pond, pomegranates, The Black Angels, Japandroids, The Big Pink, Caveman, Mwahaha, The Enemy, We Were Promised Jetpacks, The Wild Beasts, Younger Brother, Jeff The Brotherhood, Suuns, Local Natives, Plants and Animals and Animal Collective.

As per a survey report, previously the younger population is more passionate about indie rock music. However, now, most of the music freaks, irrespective of their age and the country they live in¸ are showing interest in this musical genre. In fact, the popularity of this type of music is growing at a rapid pace every year. In fact, good indie bands are coming up to capture the indie world.

The last decade had been fantastic for the indie rock music fans. If you look back to the last decade and analyze thoroughly, you will be able to find out the good indie bands that captured the minds of the rock music lovers all throughout the decade. The folksy way of The Shins touched the heart of many people. The band only came up with three albums, but the music it produced was great. The albums presented by the Arcade Fire became hugely popular. The band received a number of awards, the 2011 Grammy for Album of the Year, the 2011 Brit Award for Best International Album, the 2011 Juno Award for Album of the Year to name a few. The Suburbs produced by the Arcade Fire attained huge commercial success.

Many diehard supporters of indie rock music believe that the Spoon has come to stay in the indie world for a long time. Singer Britt Daniel has contributed remarkably to the success of the Spoon. It is one of the good indie bands of the decade. Bright Eyes was founded by Conor Oberst has acquired immense popularity as an indie rock band. This American band has done a great business in the last decade. Apart from Oberst, the band has Nate Walcott, Mike Mogis and several other collaborators taken from the indie music scene of Omaha.

To extract more information on Indie rock, you can browse through the online blogs discussing about this type of music. There are several magazines offering news on indie music. You can go through these magazines to enrich your knowledge bank. If you want to learn this particular genre of music, you will need to visit the websites providing these musical numbers. There are many online forums that can assist you to learn the Indie rock songs.